Kenyans consume unsafe products for lack of scrutiny

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Kenyans consume unsafe products for lack of scrutiny Tuesday 6th March | The Nation | JAMES KAHONGEH How often do you stop to scrutinise branded products before using them? Do you ensure that food and drinks are healthy and safe for consumption? For most Kenyans, a product makes the cut of safety for consumption as long [...]

The trust-based food system

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The trust-based food system Certification and documentation is not the only way to new way to substantiate that you are an honest player in a chain. A sustained line of quality control can also be established through trust; not as an alternative to certification but as [...]

Marketplace based on compliance

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Marketplace based on compliance Food chains are complex systems with multiple dynamics, challenges and different players from supply and demand. Just like any chain, it can only be as strong as its weakest link. That is why improving food safety will depend on individual and collective [...]